Zach’s Current Rotation – 1/19/15


One of my favorite things about music blogs is finding new artists, and albums. We post a lot of reviews and interviews, but rarely cover what we are listening to. We all talked and wanted to change that, so we decided that once a week a writer will post what they have had in current rotation. This can include both new and old albums, but hopefully it will point interested people to music they haven’t listened to yet. Here are 4 albums I’ve had in constant rotation this past week.

Warrior Prince – 豪華な (Luxary)

Favorite Track: Clueless

Fuming Mouth – Demo

Favorite Track: Executioner’s Sabbath

Hard Stripes – S/T

Favorite Track: The Scraps

Forced Order – S/T

Favorite Track: Fight ‘Em Off

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