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I was lucky enough to talk to Sam from Triple B about the label move to Florida, records and much more.

Really appreciate you taking time to do an interview with me. You’ve recently moved to Florida, hows the transition going for you and the label?

It sucked at first but now it’s cool. I rented a U-Haul trailer and drove everything down from Boston. The drive sucked ass. 25 hours straight down to FL. When we got to my new house, I had to unload it all and organize it then. so those couple days were horrible, but I got everything in and organized now so it’s cool. It’s cool being able to walk from my room to the “office” in 2 steps. Plus I share the space with 2 of my roommates so we have 3 independent businesses running out of one small room. Really cool.

How did Triple-B get started or what really sparked you into getting the label going?

I started the label in 2005 with my friend Colin. We were both 17 year old record nerds and wanted to take that next step to releasing records. So I saved up a bunch of money and we released the Earthquake/Gak Attack split 7″. The record sucks but when I was 17 I thought it was the coolest thing ever. From there, Colin kinda fizzled out and I just did everything. Since then it’s just been releasing friends bands or bands that I’m really into. Never really expected it to grow as much as it did. I kinda figured I’d release 4 maybe 5 records and that would be it. Now, I just got test presses for BBB’s 40th release so it’s crazy.

What were some surreal moments when running the label? Like people or bands you worked or met with that blew your mind.

Bane was one. Bane got me into hardcore. the first time I heard Give Blood, my mind was blown. In 2009, I was in Florida visiting my parents before going to Europe for 6 weeks with Have Heart and I got a text from “Aaron from Bane” asking if I wanted to release their new 7″. I was at a mall with a bunch of my friends and just showed them the text. I was so stoked. From there, I became really good friends with those guys and ended up re-releasing Give Blood 2 years later. Working with Bane had been an absolute blast. Love those guys to death and they have helped me out more than I could ever imagine. Also being able to work with Death Threat has been awesome. They’ve been so easy to work with and are awesome guys. Also working with Supertouch on AHC 2 was a dream come true. I still email Mark Ryan occasionally to pick his brain and try to get Supertouch’s new LP haha.

Do you have a favorite release in your catalog?

Tough tough question. I really love both AHC comps. Got to work with a lot of amazing people on those. the Give Blood reissue is another one that I really loved working on. Free Spirit, Stick Together, Dead End Path, I could go on and on. I love all BBB releases and especially the people in the bands. A lot of them have become some of my best friends in the world and that alone makes doing all this worth it.

I’m from the Tampa Bay area so when I saw that Triple-B was moving down here I got pretty hyped. Any information on the fest you are trying to get set up?

Nothing yet really. It’s taking place December 28-29 at Backbooth in Orlando. I’m booking it with Bob Wilson (you know, the singer of LET DOWN) and we have a pretty cool diverse lineup so far. I think peoples imaginations have kinda taken the best of them and they expect like Judge to be playing or something. That’s not the case. There’s a couple big names but mostly young bands and a good number of FL bands. It’s just a good excuse to bring some friends down here to hang in FL for a couple days.

Favorite releases of any genre this year?

I’ll keep it to 3-

Demolition- World Gone Mad

Daylight- Jar

Mammoth Grinder- Underworlds

Has there been a record that you own that once you got it you felt the biggest sigh of relief of finally having it?

When I got my Chung King I felt pretty good. That was probably my main accomplishment. Bringin It Down Test Press was also really cool. I don’t think I’ll ever get that big sigh of relief until I get my hands on a Warzone LESC on Clear and a Supertouch Earth Is Flat test press.

Underrated bands that are out right now?

-Unified Right from FL. They’re the shit.

-Demolition from Barrie. Their new 7″ on BBB is so goddamn good. If they were from Boston or anywhere else they’d be huge. people need to check them out

-Caught In A Crowd from Cape Cod. Finally getting the attention they deserve.

-The Impalers from Texas. Chris Ulsh (Mammoth Grinder, Power Trip, Hatred Surge) band that plays early 80’s NYHC mixed with some wacky metal parts. so sick

Can we expect some more Boston Mayhem in the coming years?

HAHA no that band is dead. Doug and I wrote the song for AHC plus 2 others in 1 day at the Pain Cave. Myself and DFJ wrote 3 songs back in May that we will record with the un-used BM songs for the FUCK DRUGS demo. That will happen sometime before 2015. Slow works in progress with those.

America’s Hardcore Volume 3…any hints or clues you want to drop on us for the lineup?

AHC 3 lineup will be announced at FYA Fest. There will be posters around Backbooth for “promo”. As for hints, I can’t drop any but if you’re a fan of punk, hardcore, youth crew, metal, and nirvana, you’ll be into it. I’m very excited about this one. I think it’s the best one yet.

What should we be looking forward to in the way of Triple-B?

Death Threat/Rude Awakening split 12″s are almost at my house so pick one up. Friend Or Foe 7″ drops next month. Dead End Path and Stick Together are almost done recording their new LP’s. Iron Boots Discography 12″ will be out in early 2014. AHC 3 by next Spring/Summer. More stuff always pops up so keep an ear to the ground.

Finally, any bands or people you want to shout out? 

Demolition, Big Contest, Ancient Heads, Intent, True, Beware, Disengage, Stick Together, Zoom, Unified Right, New Brigade, Disapproval, Our Side, Caught In A Crowd, GIVE, Independence… aka THE NEW BREED


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