“Tooth n’ Nail” – Risk


a1439315850_2A couple months back, I was approached by the band Risk to do a little review of their demo for their upcoming record From the Depths. The couple songs they had posted impressed me, and I agreed to do the review for them as I felt they deserved to get some attention for the record.

Just the other day, the band released another song that will be on From the Depths, and asked me to review it. As soon as I heard the song for the first time, I knew that I couldn’t pass up the chance to give this band some more attention.

The new song, named “Tooth n’ Nail” might be the best I have heard from the band yet. Risk has been working on this new album for a very lengthy time period – somewhere a little over two years _ and it shows. You can tell that the group has spent all of that time experimenting, writing and figuring out what works well and what does not: and it truly shows.

My biggest issue is one that I brought up when I reviewed the couple of tracks from the demo; the band has already released three tracks from their upcoming EP. It is likely that at least half, if not more, of the album is already released. It is admittedly a matter solely of personal preference, but I think it is better for a band to release very few songs (usually no more than one or two), rather than risk spoiling the release of the album as a whole.

Regardless, that is a bridge that can be crossed when Risk releases all of From the Depths later this year. “Tooth n’ Nail” is the focus of this review, and the song is exactly what you want to hear from a hardcore song. If the rest of the record follows what I’ve heard from Risk thus far, From the Depths just might be one of the best releases from a local band this year.


Rating: 3.5/5 H’s



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