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I’ve been following Swamps since their EP Corroding Kings dropped in 2011. Those 5 songs turned into a summer anthem for my friends and I. Every time I have seen Swamps play a show they have given it every ounce of energy. Every release they have put out is solid. I’m proud of them for being able to tour Europe over and over. I had the opportunity to interview Andy and ask him about the newer members of the band, the Heavy Work EP, and the next European Tour.

How did you get into hardcore?

Growing up my best friend was always in bands. He had this one band called Bless the Horse, it was the first band I was introduced to that was different or not on the radio. Punkest shit I’ve heard. I went to all their shows. They played in some house one night and my boy let me get the mic for one of the songs. It was over after that, I was hooked I needed to be in a band. I needed to feel that more. Losing your cool freaking the fuck out. Our guitarist nick has pretty much shown me every hardcore punk band I have ever listened to and brought me to my first show. Props to Nick.

Swamps has gotten a few new members in the last year or so. Who are they? How did you find them?

We have two new members. Loso and Jboy. Two words, game changing. We’re so thankful to have them in the band. They’re always on the same page and ready to hit the road. Loso hits his drums super hard and J can fix the van with some tape and string. The two of them are pushing us harder than we ever had without them.

You released the Heavy Work EP at the end of last year, how did that differ from your previous material?

Huge, huge, huge props to nick on this one. Came out of nowhere with these riffs. I think everything just came together and we started moving in the right direction.

What is your favorite show you have ever played?

Best show we have ever played? That’s hard we have played some cool shows. We just played Heartfest 8, that might be one of them. One time we played a cool show in France and kids were jumping off the stage with skateboards and were two stepping with them. That was pretty rad. It’s funny because every couple months I say, “that was the best show we have ever played.”

Tell us about your next European Tour. Are you excited to go back? Who are you playing with out there?

I can’t wait to get back to Europe. We’re playing a good amount of shows with Turnstile, King Nine, Angel Dust, Bent Life, Broken Teeth, and a lot of cool local bands. Going to the U.K. for the first time super excited about that.

You can only listen to 3 bands for the rest of your life. What are they?

My Chemical Romance
Rage Against the Machine

I always have people asking me when Swamps is going to play the west coast. Is anything happening with that?

We went out to the west coast and it was awesome. People think it’s super easy to get there but it is really far away. We all have jobs and shit to pay for. If it was up to us we would always be on tour, but it doesn’t work out that way.

What is in the future for Swamps?

After Europe we will be writing a full length and hopefully touring as much as possible. Hit us up we want to play in your living room


Shout out to everyone who has ever gotten us a show who has ever came to our show or bought merch or let us stay at your house. Thanks to everyone who called u pozers. Shout out to small zeenz and blogs. People who take pictures and a big shout out to all my homies in the pit. Keep freaking out.


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