Sundae Bloody Sundae – The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die/Rozwell Kid/Kittyhawk/Two Knights


PrintSundae Bloody Sundae is a collaborative effort from Rozwell Kid, Kittyhawk, Two Knights, and The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die. Each band offers something completely different (and previously unreleased) to this 4-way Skeletal Lightning flexi.

Side A offers up “Fat Heaven” by TWIABP; a brooding masterpiece. Slowly building under David F Bello’s soft, melodic crooning, the song never has the explosive ending that you might expect, but instead showcases the group’s incredible restraint and skill. It really leaves you wanting more, but without feeling cheapened or dissatisfied by the finished product.

Up next is my personal favorite on this split, Rozwell Kid’s cover of “The Weather”, by Spirit Night. The original, on its own is very lo-fi and creepily empty. However, Rozwell Kid took it and laid down some tonal goodness, giving the cover a dense garage rock sound.

Side B leaves us with “Soft Serve” by Kittyhawk. This track sounds a lot like a Rainer Maria worship song and I’m into it. To be completely honest, I kind of mulled over this band over and over again and I think this might be the song that pushes me to check out the rest of their catalog.

Rounding out the release we have the twinkle juggernaut “Benji’s Cool Time Summer Jamz” by Two Knights. It starts like every sparkly emo song from 2013 (which sounds like a dig, but it’s not at all, because I enjoy this in a not so guilty pleasure sort of way.) but the last ten seconds of it deliver a punishing emotional punch that complete this split perfectly.

One of the only issues I take with this release is on a more personal note, I wasn’t at fest to pick up that special variant. Otherwise this split is solid.

FFO: Rainer Maria, Dads, Empire! Empire! (i was a lonely estate).

4/5 H’s

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