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Lord Snow is a relatively new band, but with it’s members having previously been involved in excellent bands like: Suffix, Raw Nerve and Lautrec, it’s no wonder that when the Chicago screamo band began, people were into it right away. Building off of the previous success of their first two EPs, the band has decided to put out a full length LP, 2013’s Solitude. And to put it simply, it’s one of the most unique and powerful releases of the year.

One of the most consistently gripping parts of Lord Snow’s sound has been their highly technical songwriting ability. Tempo changes throughout the songs on Solitude are often what lead to most of the album’s highlights. The title track serves as a great example of this. Clocking in at over 5 minutes (making it about 5 times longer than the other songs on the record), the song shifts constantly between chaotic speed and slower interludes. At about the halfway point of the song the guitar and bass sync-up together with the drums rolling behind, and with the screamed words of vocalist/bassist Steph.

Maldonado, it makes perfect sense that this is the title track; it’s balance of emotional power and instrumental prowess is something that is consistent throughout every track on the LP.
Maldonado’s vocal style reflects the shifting nature of Lord Snow’s songs fluidly as well. One moment she is screaming till her voice gives out, and another she is speaking over the instrumentation. Showing that no matter what is going on with the songs, it works.

While it could be argued that the band sounds like they are disconnected or lost in each song because of the constant change, this sort of disarray works to Lord Snow’s advantage. This realization may take a few listens to get, but whenever this record clicks, you’re hooked. Lord Snow’s sound reflects the message of the songs and the sheer energy of the music. Its so easy to feel the aggression coming from the band because their overall sound expresses this feeling so forcefully. “Dark Cloud” is another standout track because hearing lines like, “I looked myself straight in the eye. Convinced myself what I wanted. Convinced myself what I needed.” over explosive drums and the intensely layered low tones of the guitar makes these lines come alive. It also gets stuck in your head very easily.

Solitude as a whole puts the listener through such an intense and aggressive ride, but somehow it just makes you want to keep experiencing this feeling over and over again. Lord Snow demands your attention. If you are a fan of screamo/power-violence/skramz or whatever you choose to call it, this LP is a must-listen. Solitude offers one of the most thrilling listens an album can bring and it just makes the listener imagine how exciting the band would be to see live.

The only real criticism for Solitude is that in this abrasiveness most of the songs are so short. It leaves us wanting more when the album is over, But maybe that’s exactly what Lord Snow wants.

4.75/5 Hs


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