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I caught up with Boston Hardcore band Rat Trap after their set at the PAC in New Haven last weekend.

How did you guys come up with the name of your band?

Nik: I think, honestly, we were just taking verbs and nouns and all sorts of random assortments and putting them together until we found something that we thought was cool. I don’t think there was any real inspiration.

Travis: Sounds about right. *laughs*

Steven: We should have been called Rat Bastard. So, then people would be like “Oh, that’s even cooler!”

What was the first CD you ever bought?

N: First CD I ever bought was blink-182 Dude Ranch.

T: The first CD I ever bought was Less Than Jake Hello Rockview.

S: Probably Slipknot Iowa, or something like that.

Kevin: The first CD I ever bought was Kiss’s Greatest Hits album.

S: No! The Baha Men! In my whole life, The Baha Men was the first CD I ever got.

N: The first CD that was ever bought for me was NSync

K: Well yeah, if we were doing bought for me it would probably be like Kidz Bop. Out of my own free will, though, was Kiss.

*Steven singing I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night*

What was your favorite show you have played so far?

N: Probably yesterday in Pennsylvania.

T: We played Rat’s Milk in Kutztown, Pennsylvania and it was probably the most gnarly show we’ve ever had.

S: Lots of punks. Lots of girls.

Who would you say right now is the most underrated band?

K: I’d say Pastime. They are wicked underrated.

T: Pastime from Bangor, Maine.

Favorite release of 2013?

N: Dead in the Dirt Blind Hole.

S: Power Trip Manifest Decimation.

K: You’re gonna hate me, but i’m gonna say Long. Live. A$AP by A$AP Rocky. And i’m not fucking kidding.

S: Full of Hell Rudiments of Mutilation.

What are the main themes of your songs?

T: If there would be one theme it would be distrust of authority in every manner. Whether it be religious, government based – kinda “fuck everything.”

N: Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression, Anti-Sexist, Anti-Government. I don’t know, pretty cliche. *laughs*

K: Yeah, we’re pretty anti a lot.

T: If it’s hyper-liberal i’m all about it, man.

N: infowars.com

T: Obama is a reptile.

S: Mao took the guns. Stalin took the guns.

If you could play with any two bands, living or dead, who would they be? One of them has to be a local.

N: A local, Converge. We’re from Boston.

T: Suck that! *laughs*

S: Nirvana

N: Or Rolling Stones, but that doesn’t fit at all. Maybe Wu-Tang Clan.

S: Cold As Life

N: Slayer

K: Yeah, Slayer.

How did your most recent release (Constant Fear) change from your last release?

N: We were in a band before that will not be named and all of that shit sucked really bad. The last release was semi good.

T: Slander was us trying to do our own thing, but we were a little misguided.

N: We had a 2nd guitarist who was a Metalcore guitarist so that didn’t really work out for us.

S: He liked Atilla, so let’s keep it at that.

T: It was tough to get him on board, but he left and Steven here was really about bringing Thrash elements in.

K: It’s faster. That is the biggest change.

N: We try to keep it simple too.

T: This is definitely the album that we really wanted to make as four different people.

N: It is basically what we were trying to make for the last 3 years and then it actually, finally, clicked.

What bands would you say are the biggest influences on your sound?

K: Obituary is one of the biggest.

S: Slayer. S.O.D. maybe?

N: I don’t even know. There are so many. Just like every band I have ever listened to. There’s always something that just rubs off. It is so hard just to pinpoint influences. We’re not really trying to sound like anything we are just doing it.

This is a really sappy question, but how has hardcore influenced you?

N: Personally, I used to be a drug addict so i’m not doing that anymore.

S: It is a good outlet.

N: It is a good release.

S: It is cool as fuck. It is not House music.

N: You get to make friends and release anger.

K: It is one of the best communities in music.

S: You get to punch people and get punched.

T: I think that there is something special in hardcore that is not really prevalent in other places. There’s definitely negative elements, but there is also a lot of positivity. As Nik said, the idea of building friendships and relationships with different people. Going places I never would have bothered to even think of as somewhere I want to be has been like, I gotta save up vacation time so I can go do this next thing with my best friends.

N: So we can be in a fucking cornfield in Pennsylvania-

K: and play one of the best shows in our lives.

T: I don’t care if we are playing to two kids, as long as those two kids are happy. That’s all I want is to just go out and have fun with strange people.

N: Most of the friends that I have made, that I actually talk to, are from going to shows. I don’t even really talk to any other people than people I meet at shows.

K: I mean I don’t hang out with anyone I met with at school or at work, stuff like that.

N: School sucks. That is why I dropped out for music.

Shout outs

K: Shout outs to anyone who booked us for this.

S: Shout out to the South Shore kids.

N: That kid that put our pin through his face.

T: Pretty much anyone that has ever come out to listen, even if they didn’t like it. The fact that they stayed and watched and it means a lot to me whether they know it or not.

N: That guy in Germany who has our shirt.

S: Shout out to Jesus, and Satan too.

K: Without him we wouldn’t have a job.

N: Shout out to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

S: Sone Cold, definitely.

N: Mankind, Undertaker.

S: Randy Savage.

K: Hulk Hogan too.

S: The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes.

N: Booker T

S: Gold Dust, Steve McMahon, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon

K: CM Punk

N: All of the Divas.

S: All of the Divas especially Sable, because she posed nude in Playboy. She’s hot as fuck.

N: And my mom.

K: And every band we have played with.

T: Anyone that has bothered to listen to us and put up with our shit.

K: Anyone who has let us sleep on their floor.


Rat Trap recently released Constant Fear. Listen to Rat Trap HERE.

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