“Priest in the Laboratory” – White Suns


Brooklyn racket makers White Suns’ visceral and cathartic noise reaches towering and uncompromising heights on their new track “Priest in the Laboratory” from their forthcoming LP Totem. The trio takes your previous idea of dissonance and atonal noise and throws it out the window.Frontman, Kevin Barry, plays the part of a tortured and deranged prophet of sorts, screeching at the very top of his lungs to cryptically warn you of some impending doom with indecipherable lyrics that the mix only allows you to catch bits and pieces of. Meanwhile, his bandmates create an equally apocalyptic soundscape behind him with detuned guitars screeching and scraping away while the drums frenetically pound away, complete with all kinds of unfathomable noise from a variety of toys and effects. The track slowly pushes forward, building on its own inevitable destruction as all of its gears grind in a gut-wrenching and truly terrifying manner. Eventually, the gears come to a stop but not before doing a number on your brain and ears. That’s simply how White Suns operate and you’ll figure out early on whether you like them or not.

While White Suns are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, their brand of noise rock is something to marvel at, as it is truly a shining example of just how far the idea of catharsis can be taken. If this is any indication, Totem will somehow be even grander and more chaotic than its excellent predecessor, Sinews. Prepare for an onslaught, and fortunately, White Suns take no prisoners.

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