Matt’s Current Rotation – 1/28/15


For my first Current Rotation I thought I’d share a few bands & records that have really caught my attention lately (in no particular order). These releases range from being pretty recent to being over ten years old, but I hope this set of 4 can still help you find something new, or at least give you a place to start out. Enjoy.


1. Lightning Bolt – Ride the Skies (2001)

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been finally getting deeper into Lightning Bolt’s discography. I’ve only had one album of their’s on my iPod and computer for years so when I first heard “Ride the Skies” recently I couldn’t help but feel like I’d been missing on not checking this out earlier. The bass and drum duo are at the top of their game here, delivering their signature brand of crazy and hard hitting music. That bass tone is absolutely too!

Fav Track – Forcefield

2. Cloakroom – Further Out (2015)

I’m actually working on a detailed review of this album right now, so stick around for that! It should be finished in a couple days and online shortly after. But for now all I’m going to say is this will absolutely have a spot on my top ten for 2015 already. If you are a fan of shoegaze, punk, emo, whatever, there is something for you to enjoy here.

Fav track – Asymmetrical


3. Plunge – Plunge (2014)

My band Churchkey was on tour around the end of the year and when we played with Plunge in Texas we all lost our minds simultaneously. Heavy as fuck, slow tempo, sludge-y riffs going through a wall of amps. The first song will hook you immediately. One of the most exciting bands out there right now!

Fav track – 666-MAGE-BLOOD

4. The House of Apples and Eyeballs by Black Moth Super Rainbow + The Octopus Project (2007)

 I’ll admit I’m late to the game on this release (it’s from 2007), but I’ve been listening to it nonstop since then so I wanted to pass this on so maybe someone else can discover it for the first time too. Fans of post-rock, ambient stuff, electronic music, and math rock will definitely be into this.

Fav track – Lollipopsichord

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