“Like Warriors” – Houseguests


Houseguests, of the Boston area, has a new single out, “Like Warriors” , and it’s warm, fluid jams and extremely fun guitar riffs are enough to peak anyone’s interest for what the rest of this future release will hold.

The indie band’s track is reminiscent of bands like A Great Big Pile of Leaves, or larger acts like Two Door Cinema Club. Overall, the track exudes a strong feel-good nature that is brought on largely by the band’s guitar work and the excellent harmonies that take place throughout the three minutes. The rhythm section also adds to this feeling by creating a strong and grounded groove that allows the melodic parts of Houseguest’s sound to really shine and make the track very easy to dance to (or bob your head to at least).

“Like Warriors” is the band’s most recent release since their self-titled album from the end of 2012. The progression from the two releases provides two unique views to the Houseguests sound and shows that the group has lived up to the potential their debut album gave them. While the self-titled has a slower and more scaled back nature to it, “Like Warriors” is full of energy and its excellent production allows the well-crafted track to sound like it came straight from a top-selling album.

The track does feel a bit too similar to its inspirations at times, but this is just one song; certainly when listened to with the other songs that will accompany it on whatever form this upcoming release takes, Houseguests’ growing sound will truly come into its own.


Stream it HERE


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