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I had to the opportunity to interview I Kill Giants after their 2nd to last show/3rd year anniversary. I always enjoyed the emotion put forth by the band and it was awesome to see the crowd sing along with every word, knowing that this would be one of their last times seeing the band.

I Kill Giants is a 4-piece that hails from Boston. They play a style of math-indie-emo. It has always been extremely technical and fun at the same time. With mixed in spoken word. They released an EP earlier this January (just 20 days ago) called No One Will Ever Leave You. This album concludes their discography as they continue to show their abounding talent.

What bands were most influential to you when you were growing up?

Dylan: Green Day, Sum 41, all those bands got me into punk.

Nick: The Beach Boys.

Sander: My favorite band was Gorillaz and then Led Zepplin, Tera Melos, and The Sound of Animals Fighting.

Chris: My sister gave me a mix CD once when I was like 11 and it had Dropkick Murphy’s, Bad Religion, Real Big Fish, Tenacious D. And I was also really into Hendrix.

You put a release out right at the beginning of this year (15 days ago). Was this stuff that was in the works before the announcement of the breakup or was this more of a finalization of your discography?

Chris: We had some songs written and we wanted to do a split but then Dylan got a really good job. He got a job in Seattle doing music for video games. That was what he went to school for and we were just like, “Oh, awesome let’s just finish this.”

Sander: And we knew that was his goal in the long run, we just didn’t realize how soon it was going to come.Dylan: Yeah, I got super lucky with that job and it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. It took me like a month to decide what I was going to do and they were the first people I told. That was around the time we were putting out a split. We had one song written and then we wrote 3 more. It was lucky that we got it out before our tour and then before we split up.

Chris: We recorded it in a day and mixed it in a week.

Dylan: Some of the material, at least in my song, is about leaving. It is kind of ironic, the title, “No One Will Ever Leave You” never meant to be like ‘Oh, this is our last release.’ We didn’t write any of the songs with that in mind.

Chris: That title came from me working at a camp. The kids would always get separation anxiety so I would be like, “Camp is always going to be with you, kids will always be with you, people you meet.” It wasn’t intended for breakups it was just what I told kids.

How did this album change from your previous stuff?

Chris: My roommate said something really interesting that it was a continuation of our current sound, like the first song sounded like something we would write and then the last song sounded very unexpected. It was unintentionally experimentally, and unintentionally progressive, in terms of sound and not like the genre. How we are taking a sound and doing things to it and organically growing. Like Dylan said, we listen to new bands all the time.

Dylan: Yeah, I feel like it came organically from all of us. Like Sander said, it was a year after we had written that full length. So chances are it’s not gonna sound a whole lot like it. I always thought all of our music sounded really similar and when people said that that sounded a little different I was like, ‘I guess, yeah.’Chris: If you look at it our first EP sounds nothing like the split, which sounds nothing like the short EP.

What bands do you listen to that most people wouldn’t suspect?

Chris: Musical Theatre. I’m all about that shit. That and I really like Kendrick Lamar.

Sander: A lot of free jazz, a lot of avant garde music, Robert Glasper. Black Radio is an incredible record. That’s just jazz and hip-hop combined.

Chris: Thundercat. This pop star that no one is recognizing, Janelle Monae put out this amazing record. People are ranting about Miley Cyrus about how she is the face of feminism and that girl, Janelle Monae, is what music should be right now. So shout out to Janelle Monae.

Dylan: I have a soft spot, and these guys have figured it out over the past tour, for shitty metal. But not just shitty metal, like Mastadon, and Between The Buried and Me-

Nick: What was that one band that we just like hated?

Dylan: Baroness?

Nick. Yeah!

Dylan: And then on another end like the band Why is one of my favorite bands. Also, like I said before, like club bangers and dirty dubstep. Bumping house music.

Chris: Just like really, really, really, ratchet music. Trap music with so much bass.

Dylan: The new R Kelly album! *everyone cheers*

Chris: I learned the words to the first couple chapters of Trapped in the Closet and I’m not ashamed of that. He is a horrible person and should definitely go to jail and everything he has done is completely wrong but I fucking love that album.

What was your favorite show you have ever played?

Nick: Favorite show was the show in Philly that we played a bunch of days ago.

Dylan: Yeah, Philly a couple days ago at the Golden Tea House.Chris: I climbed the balcony.

Dylan: Yeah, Sander did too and after they were like ‘Don’t ever do that again.’

Chris: It almost broke and I almost died.

Sander: In the moment it seemed cool and then we were like ‘I feel like a dick’

Chris: Yeah, and then the show last year where we had a 15 minute set with Old Gray and it was amazing because it was the first time people were really into us.

How has being in I Killed Giants shaped you as a person?

Dylan: Coming from Washington to Boston I didn’t know anybody and didn’t have any friends. I met these guys pretty early on and we started making music. I didn’t know we were gonna end up touring, I didn’t know we were gonna end up having a fan base. So when we started doing stuff like that and start meeting all of these people from going around the US and going to places we’ve never been and meeting hundreds of people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. That was just the coolest part of that and it made me feel 100% more at home on the east coast and it makes it that much harder to leave. Because I think my friend base and the things that make me happy about the east coast have stemmed from I Kill Giants.

Chris: My friend came to see us at one show at a bar and no one showed up, but it was funny because he saw us play and he said, ‘You know what, I’m not really surprised when I see your band’ because I grew up playing in bands in high school that were like ska bands and punk bands and that stuff. I’m at home when I do this stuff. I’m just used to playing punk music and doing all this, having fun. So that is what I grew up doing and that is the one place I felt not weird. It’s comforting.

Sander: For me it was like I never played punk music before so learning how to do that and play fast and hit hard and everything was a really big lesson and I never toured before and that was crazy. Definitely confidence, I got into school by what I feel like was a very slim whatever and since playing in this band it’s been a reassurance to keep going and keep at it because there are people that are into it. It’s definitely really important when you get Confirmation that you’re on the right track

Nick: It’s also good that we have all gotten better every year as musicians so it’s like if you’re not keeping up then you better fucking practice.Chris: This band gives us a reason to be better.

What projects do you have on the horizon?

Dylan: We all got stuff going on, for me I got a band called Logfella (Bandcamp). I wanted to combine what I did at school which is a lot of electronic stuff and what I’m doing with I Kill Giants, the emo punk thing. I just wanted to do something that was 100% me. I started that and put out a demo a few months ago. And when I get out to Washington I’m going to start that full swing and get a full band.

Sander: I just put a record out a couple days ago and my project is called You Always Knew Me Last Week (Bandcamp) and it’s just tunes that I wrote. I don’t play guitar really, but I wrote them on guitar over the last two years. So that was a really meaningful release. I’m also in a Neo-Soul-Funk- Hip Hop band called Pet Jail (Bandcamp).

Nick: I’m in an indie-rock, post-rock band called Strange Mangers (Bandcamp) and they are my friends from high school and we live together now. And now the three of us might be starting something after I Kill Giants. *pointing to Sander and Chris*

Chris: That’s just a project off of some ideas I’ve had. It’s up in the air. Obviously this [I Kill Giants] is priority. I also do spoken word stuff, and I’m involved in the poetry scene in Boston.


Chris: Shout outs to the moms. Shout outs to the dads.

Nick: Everything Ever, we did a bunch of dates with them on tour and they are great people and a great band.

Dylan: They toured with us on our very first tour.  We wouldn’t be anywhere without the guys in The Word Is and Broken World Media. Greg got us on this show, Greg’s got us on awesome shows, he made us get out there and he is great.

Nick: Shoutout to Old Gray and Lovechild.

Chris: Shoutout to Matt Hull.

Dylan: The 5th Beatle.

Chris: Shoutout to Sammy who does all of our videos and our tour videos.

Sander: Shout out to Cooper our merch guy.


I Kill Giants Bandcamp

I Kill Giants Final Show

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