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DipticI was booking a house show recently and was looking for newer Connecticut bands when I stumbled on Guest House. I was blown away by their inaugural 4 song EP I’ll Get Over It I Guess, and I started passing it around to friends, who agreed that this band has something special. I caught up with the Guest House recently to talk about about their formation, influences, and the response on  I’ll Get Over It I Guess.

How did Guest House form?

Guest House started a few months ago. Ryan and Jesse initially had the idea of a two-piece and then teamed up with Nick, who was at school with Ryan. Nick had a good amount of material that he wanted to work with right from the start. They had a practice and decided to add another guitarist, which is when they asked me to hop in and riff around over the top of everything. After a practice or two, we kinda figured out what we wanted to do with it and just continued writing around some of Nick’s material. Guest House is, more or less, a filled-out embodiment of Nick’s solo work.

Who are the biggest influences on your sound?

Nick – I draw influence from pretty much anything that I hear that I like. Recently, it’s been Japanese math-rock, but I would say, as a band, we draw some influence from bands like Algernon Cadwallader and Sport as far as a pop sound with fun, moving riffs.

How do you guys write you music? Do the music or lyrics come first?

The first round of songs off the EP and a few new ones were just from Nick’s past solo stuff that we’ve written out new parts for. We’re trying to find our niche and work through how we want our music to sound and maybe flesh out some different-sounding material in a few different directions.
Nick – I have melodies floating around in my head and sometimes they are so catchy that I find myself whistling them or humming them, so I write them down or record them on my phone. I have a poetry notebook and I’ll either have an idea for the lyrics already or find a poem in the notebook and think “this would fit really well with this tune”.

a3564764280_2You dropped I’ll Get Over It I Guess a few weeks ago. How has the response been?

The response has been overwhelming for me, personally, and I think I can say we’ve all been kind of blown back about how well it was received. Me, Jesse and Ryan have all been in bands that have played around for a while and haven’t made much immediate progress, so the hype that came out of our first release and the downloads and people coming to shows and singing along has been really great. I think it’s a sign that we’re doing something right this time and should stick with it and try and push this as far as we can take it. It is a good time in our lives to try and run with this.

What is your favorite track from I’ll Get Over It I Guess?

Personally, my favorite track has been “Arbor Day” because I just get to shred the whole time [laughs], but I think collectively we all feel the most emotion (especially when we play it live) during “Brave.” We all get so caught up in the build-up and we’re all kind of yelling to ourselves. To look up and see people yelling with us has been awesome. I think it’s a song that we can all relate to in a way.

What was the last album you listened to?

James – Drugs to the Dear Youth by Tera Melos
Jesse – Every Direction is North by El Ten Eleven
Ryan – “O” by Damien Rice
Nick – I’ve been listening to a lot of Mount Eerie lately.

What is in store for Guest House in the future?

We’re potentially doing some work in the studio this coming weekend (maybe recording a single or just sitting down and writing some new material), but we’re definitely looking at doing some out-of-state shows in the fall. The school year is always rough, especially with us in CT and Jesse in RI, but we’re going to try to do at least two shows a month in the New England region. We’re also looking into doing a week-long tour over winter, as well as working out our full-length.


We would definitely love to give a shout-out to Matt Baltrucki. I recorded our EP at my school in New Haven but giving it to him to master and mess with really transformed it into something great that I’m incredibly proud to listen to. He did amazing work on it. Secondly, we’d like to give a nice lovely shout-out to all the people who have downloaded our music and came to a show. Also, shout-outs to Bill Clinton and a shout-out to my boy Theseus for braving his way through the labyrinth and slaying the Minotaur. Most importantly, we have a special place in our heart for Jethro Wallace – the cutest dude in the universe.


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