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I caught Full of Hell at The Webster Underground a few weeks back. After years of listening to them I finally saw them live and was blown away. So much energy, raw emotion, and talent wrapped into one band. I had the opportunity to interview Dylan and as him a few questions on the band, and his personally journey in music.
How did you guys come up with your name?Our guitarist Spencer came up with the name. He’s into the first wave of DM, so it seemed fitting!Where did you all meet?

Spencer met our drummer Dave when he was only 14 years old. He pretty much just picked him off the street when he’d heard that Dave was a drummer and they have been playing together ever since. I met them while touring with another band a few years ago. When their original demo singer quit, I took his place immediately. Our current bass player is one of Dave’s oldest friends, so he was an obvious choice.

What was your favorite show you ever played?

Most recently, we played a festival in Czech called Fluff Fest. We headlined a tent stage late at night and it was a really amazing experience. Kids going crazy, tons of stage dives. Definitely a highlight of my time in FOH.

Is there anywhere you haven’t played yet that you are dying to play?

I would love to go to SE Asia, Japan and Australia. The cost is very high to visit these places, and most bands need to cover their own traveling expenses. I think we will definitely be going to all of these places, but it will take time and a lot of planning.

How has your music changed since your first release?

We have slowly made our music more inaccessible and far more challenging. I think it’s become much harsher and complex in structure, sonically, since our first release.

What would you say the main themes of your lyrics are?

There is no overlying theme. I guess, like any other band, you could say something broad like human experience. It’s all over the board though.

What bands were most influential to you when you were growing up?

I think the most influential bands from when I was really young that are still with me today are bands like Discordance Axis, Robinson, Botch and Daughters/ATSS.. These bands hit me when I was young along with a lot of other stuff, but I’m realizing now that these were the couple of bands that really struck me, as far as a direct correlation between what FOH is doing now.

Describe your first hardcore show?

I think it was when I saw Steel Nation (PA). I was maybe 13 years old, and I just remember it clicking when I saw them. I had been to lots of punk and metal shows, but this was the first show that really felt different. No difference between the crowd and the band, tons of energy. I was sold.

How has hardcore changed since you first got involved in it? Has it been a positive change or negative one?

I don’t know, actually. I’m assuming things are going pretty well now? When I first became interested in hardcore I didn’t really have a handle on what things were like on a large scale. I’m gonna assume it’s just as good or better. For all intensive purposes, it is for me. My friends have excellent bands, there are awesome records coming out all the time and I can tour around the country and see good people that really give a shit. I think it’s funny when people really think things aren’t any good anymore. There will always be shitty people everywhere, in every facet of everything. You are just looking in the wrong places, though.

Who is the most underrated band right now?

I think The Body from Portland are criminally underrated.

What is your favorite release of 2013 thus far?

The Body – Christs, Redeemers

If you could play with any current band and any band that has broken up, who would they be?

Current: Swans

Disbanded: Discordance AxisShout outs?Dave Bland forever//

Listen to Full of Hell HERE

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