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Processed with VSCOcam with 3 presetI saw Floods for the first time a few months ago and was blown away. They have signed to Frequency Deleted records, and lucky for all of us there will be a release soon. I had the chance to talk to Max (Guitar) about the formation of the band, the new release dropping, and the worst current trends in hardcore.

Q:How did Floods form?

A:The early stages of Floods started with Kevin, Derek and myself in 2012. We added Kyle on second guitar a little later down the road, and Matt after weeding through a handful of drummers.

Q:Who have been the most influential bands for you?

A:It’s no secret that Kickback impacts a huge play in our writing process, “Forever War” is definitely my Age of Quarrel. All Out War’s overlooked masterpiece, Condemned to Suffer and Slayer, but that goes without saying.

Q:You recently signed to Frequency Deleted Records. Tell us about this process and what you guys have in the works.

A: Chris Fenton (FDR/STK/War Cross) reached out with an offer to put out a record for us. We’re doing a 7″ with a bunch of new songs and a completely re-written older one, I can’t really say for sure when it’ll be out but it’s looking like early winter time.

Q: How does the new material you’re writing differ from the old?

A: It is honestly just overall better-written music, you see. I’m very excited to release it, especially with the reaction of the new songs we have been playing live recently.

Q: What has been your favorite show played thus far?

A: Every time we play Anchors Up is a guaranteed great time, the one that sticks out the most was the “Stigmata” and Shipwreck A.D. show we played in the middle of a snowstorm right after Day of the Dead came out. Definitely our wildest reaction to date. If memory serves me right, it was also Kevin’s birthday and the only time I ever wanted it to be warmer in that venue (If you’ve ever been there, you know exactly what I’m talking about). Oh, and we played with OBITUARY in a sold-out bar once, I guess that’s cool or something.

Q: What is the worst current trend in hardcore?

Processed with VSCOcam with 3 presetA: Honestly I had to text the rest of the boys for this one, so here’s a list.
– Bucket Hats (it’s not too long until people are wearing fucking visors)
– Yelling “WHOOOOO” at every heavy mosh part (please, shut up – this band is loud enough, I don’t need you yelling in my ear)
– Pretending to be a wigger (Unless your name is Austin Sparkman)
– Tumblr Activists (I’m not even going to get into this one)
– Pretending to have always loved metal because your favorite hardcore band suddenly wears a Bolt Thrower shirt (Bolt Thrower is sick)

Q: Do you think the advent of internet and all the new technology has helped your music and independent musicians in general, or do you think it just creates a mass of mediocre “copycats” who flood the web, making it difficult to distinguish yourself?

A: Both. The internet is such a great invention that we take for granted and is abused way too often. Unfortunately, it ruined some great things. Instead of going to shows, people watch YouTube videos (yes, these people actually exist) and handing out physical flyers for gigs. When you are a new band these days, chances are good that the first thing you do after (sometimes before) recording music is make a Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram and invite all your friends to share it. Which leads me to agree with your second perspective: there are new bands every day and I know that I don’t have enough time in the day to listen to every single one. It is definitely overwhelming to keep up with what’s new, what/who’s in, what/who’s not. That is, if you care about that kind of thing.

Q: You can play a show with any two bands. One living and one dead/broken up. Who would they be?

A: Black Sabbath (Ozzy fronted), and Black Sabbath (Dio fronted).

Q: What does the rest of 2014 have in store for Floods?

A: We have a few shows lined up regardless of us trying to go on hiatus to focus on writing and recording. We’ll probably be staying low-key until the album is released.

Shout outs?

Anchors UP, FDR, MVHC, HVHC, Recycled Earth, Colin of Arabia, Jagged Visions, Vein, Menace.

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