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10175969_633091513450544_3264073328369646971_nIt is always good to catch up with Mongo Dave, but this time we talked about his new band Ends Meet. Dave drums in the band, which is based out of  Western Massachusetts.

How did Ends Meet form?

Brandon and Crusty Mike were like “Yo, lets start a band.” and I was like “Ok”. And we jammed one day and then we were like “We need a bassist now.” because this sounds pretty cool. We wrote two songs in like ten minutes which was Unity, and what was the other song? I forgot the other song name. Its the one that starts with the high­hats. And I was like “Yo, Kevin plays bass.” and then I texted Kevin and was like “Do you want to be in a band?” and he said yeah. Then we recorded that 4 song thing in someone’s basement and we’re like “we should have a second guitarist.” and so we hit up Kyle Budrow, who was in Alert and he wanted to do it. So, that’s Ends Meet. That’s us right there.

What were the most influential records when you were getting into hardcore?

Me? This is like sixth grade right here. Uh, Peace and Security, Death Threat, I’m all around on this. That fucking Stick to Your Guns record, that was like sixth grade for me too. Deathklok. So when I was actually getting into hardcore, Floorpunch. All their records. Guns Up, Shipwreck, I don’t know the names of the records but I know they were pretty influential. Definitely Trapped Under Ice. The Rival Mob was definitely one of them. Chain of Strength. I think that’s like all of them ­ Comeback Kid. Expire was pretty cool.

How would you describe your sound?

Oh damn. I don’t know. How would you describe our sound Zach?

Well…I think like Floorpunch..What’d you say before? Like Floorpunch mixed with something.

Oh yeah, I said “Floorpunch is sick, so let’s make it a little bit heavier.”

Yeah, that’s perfect. Alright, so what’s your writing process like? You kinda touched on that a little bit before.

We write very fast. I don’t know how. We write them out and get our general riffs down. If we wanna add anything to it, we’ll do it or add it or change it like a week later. We only practice once or twice a week. We’ll get the basics down, we’ll get the bridge and a chorus and what not and then be like “Yo, gotta be heavy man”. If we’re like “this sounds like shit” we’ll scrap it or try to do something else with it. It takes us like a week or two and then we’re like “we gotta change that”.

You can tour with any two rappers/Rap groups, who would they be?

50 Cent and DMX. Or Lil B. Because he’s stupid and hilarious.

Damn, you said those two so fast. It was like you knew I was gonna ask that question. I hope he ends up reading this. Then he would just be like “Yo, you actually wanna tour?”

Thank you Based God.

What does the future hold for Ends Meet?

I don’t know. We got some shows. I guess Vice from New York wants to do a weekend with us. So does Caught in a Crowd and Violence to Fade. They’re our boys. Not like all in one weekend. This isn’t some ridiculous tour package where all of Northeast hardcore goes on your for a year. Its like “Let’s do a weekend here and there”. The record we just recorded is coming out on Rattrax Tapes. That should be pretty cool.

That’s cool, that’s Will’s label right?

Yeah thats Billy Hertz from Revenge. “Good dude backed hard.”

How does the new record differ from your older material?

Well, we only been a band since February. So we basically re­recorded the demo and then added 4 new songs…or was it 5? Or was it 4? I don’t remember it’s either 8 or 9 songs. Uh, what was the question again? (laughs)

How does the new material differ from your older stuff?

Could I compare Ends Meet to Reset? Nah, that’s a bad idea.

Wait..you were in reset right? Did I book you guys on a Beatdown show?

Yeah! With Line of Scrimmage.

Dang, you played drums for them too?

Yeah. That was so long ago. Those were the days where we just played bad music and didn’t really care.

What has it been like when Ends Meet plays CT?

When we played the Crunch House last Friday the whole room was like moshing. Well, the room as in like 10 people, but it looked like the whole room. That place is tiny. There was only like 15 people that actually paid to get in. We’re not about the money, we just wanna play shows and have fun.

Shout Outs?

Massachusetts Hardcore, Connecticut Hardcore, Basically New England hardcore. Violence to Fade, Keith Freeman, Western Mass Hardcore, FDR, Rattrax, Caught in a Crowd, Aftermath, Feudal Justice, Blind Justice, East Beast, Heavy Chains, even though I don’t know any of those guys besides Ian. Even though I only shook his hand once. Stranglehold. Shoutout to Japan for making anime. and that stupid band As We Break.

Bonus joke: Ice-­T. I prefer lemonade however.


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