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I had the chance to interview Hal of Blackhole and Work Ethic Records on his upcoming release Deeper. We talk about his influences, future tour plans, and the current hardcore scene.

How does the new material differ from the old?

For this record, we really just wanted to be a better version of ourselves, and let more of our influences shine through. While on our last record our guitar player, Keeter, was new and still getting a feel for our style. I love Ledges, but I feel like Keeter really hit it out of the park with writing this time.

What is your favorite track off the new album and why?

I would say “Keep Spitting”, it’s the most personal song, and has every element that I try to have in “Blackhole”. Also everyone has a vocal part in the beginning, and hearing our bass player, Dustin, nail his parts during recording was awesome!

Who or what were your influences for this release?

As far as lyrics go, personal experience was my biggest writing point. The scene and our lives have changed a lot since Ledges, so I just wanted to voice my thoughts and opinions about the new stuff that’s been bothering me.

Musically, just getting back to the band’s style that we’ve always drawn from, but really getting to the roots this time. A lot of Infest, Crush Kill Destroy by Spazz, Mental (and you know this/get an oxygen tank era) and even some SSD and Bad Brains. We sort of just said, “what do we really like that we play?” and then wrote around that.

“Art Extortion” is one of my favorite tracks on Deeper. Can you explain the idea behind it?

I’m sure it’s a dead horse, but it’s still something that bugs me, haha. Basically, it’s about those dudes in hardcore/underground music that are trying to make this their “career”, or just using this style of art to make money. Whenever you put that as your main goal, you basically have two options: one being, have your quality of art suffer in efforts to make it more compatible/ sellable to a wider audience (cough B9 Candy Hearts cough) or you dick over bands/ venues to keep more of the cash for yourself. Bottom line, when your art is driven by profit and not your own desires to make it, it will suffer, and be worth a lot less. Jobs are for money, art is for art.

What are you future touring plans?

We’re doing a nine-day off this release with New Heart from Indiana (band rules by the way)

7/5 Springfield, MO – Release Show
7/6 Peoria, IL
7/7 Borg Ward –  Milwaukee WI
7/8 The Shack – Fondulac, WI
7/9 Household – Minneaoplis, MI
7/10 The Frontline – Rockford, IL
7/11 Error Records – Champaign, IL
7/12 Des Moines, IA
7/13 Quad Cities, IA
7/14 the black sheep – Springfield, IL

After that we’re just planning on week ending everywhere we can, and maybe doing weeks once every three months or so.

You are releasing this on Work Ethic Records. Can you tell us a little bit about them

Sure! Work Ethic is a label that my friend Brandon (Thought Crime/NoxThanks) and I run. It’s not really genre focused. More about giving every underground musician a chance based on merit of art and drive. We print all of our own shirts, dub and assemble all our tapes in house, and book all of our own tours. We strive to be as DIY and self sufficient as possible!

What do you think about the current hardcore scene?

There are a lot of cool things going on right now! The resurgence of the 80’s punk sound rules and bands like Freedom and The Flex are killing it with me. All the shit surrounding fests, merch nuts, and super star hardcore bands kinda bum me out, but all of that has its place I guess. Last bit of angry rant, stop paying 50$ for a shirt of a band that’s broken up, and buy 5 shirts from bands that are trying to survive, haha.

Shout outs?

JACOB MICHEAL FUCKING SCOTT, New Heart, Corkscrew, Pizza Breath, Free At Last, Wish, Flawless, I Was Afraid, cool dudes in Southbend, Backstabber, Low Life, Saber Tooth, and NoxThanks


Blackhole Bandcamp
Work Ethic Records

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