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I tried something new when tackling this interview. Instead of trying to interview a band I’ve already listened to, I gave a shout on the interwebs. I asked people to send me bands that were underrated. Some kind soul in Wisconsin sent me Cross Me and I jammed their Demo for the rest of the day. From there I got in contact with Chris and he was down for an interview.

What album/band got you into hardcore?

It was definitely a mixture of records, but I remember the first hardcore band I was seriously pumped on was Bane. Their live show is beyond captivating and from the first time I saw them I was hooked.

What was your favorite show you have played so far?

I think my favorite show we played was Fargo. We had sent that area a bunch of demos so by the time we got out there, the kids knew our songs. It was a wild show.

You guys had two releases this past year. How has the reaction been?

Well I haven’t heard anyone say we suck so that’s a good thing I guess. Personally I haven’t received anything but positive feedback about the demo and the single “Bad Company”. I think kids are into it which is cool.

What are the main themes of your songs?

Mostly being angry with people in my life. Every song on the demo is about a different person who failed me or fucked me over.

In the past a lot of the hardcore heavy hitters have come out of the coasts. However, it seems like the mid-west scene is thriving right now. Why do you think this is?

The Midwest has been on the uprise for a few years now. I just think people are getting together and writing sick records. Expire, Bent Life,Black Ice, Another Mistake. Homewrecker, Vice, etc etc. Midwest kids are hungry and they want to tour.

Who would you say, right now, is the most underrated local band?

Oh man that’s really tough to say. Last time I was in Florida the locals killed it. Cold Hearted and Point Blank. Also a band called Tidal Wave from Phoenix. They’re sick as well.

What is your favorite release of 2013 thus far?

United States Of Mind by a mile. Take Offense took the game to a whole new level with that record. Definitely worth buying.

If you could play with any current band and any band that has broken up, who would they be?

Rollins Band and Ill Intent. That would be a fucking party.

When are you guys coming to play the East?

In November we have a few dates on the east coast with Expire, TO, and Bent Life. Keep an eye out for that.

Shout outs?

Shout outs to all my Milwaukee brothers. Bent Life, Black Ice, Another Mistake, Take Offense, Upperhand, Ill Intent, The Beautiful Ones. Love all those dudes.


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