“Bent Nail” – NOTHING


Over the past few years, Philadelphia’s NOTHING have consistently wowed listeners with their eerie and haunting brand of shoegaze. The band has yet to put out an LP, but that will be changing when Guilty of Everything is released by Relapse Records on March 4th. The record’s third track, “Bent Nail,” has recently been posted online. After a listen or two, you’re going to be wishing it was March, too.

“Bent Nail” is the second track the band has posted off Guilty of Everything, following the passionate and well-crafted  “Dig.” While both are obviously of a similar style, “Bent Nail” has a slightly darker and slower sound to it due to the layers of massively distorted guitars. Whammy bars, effect pedals and harmonies are used throughout the song to flawlessly foil the high end of one guitar with the low end of another. This is most notable in the second half of the track, where a destructive and simultaneously marvelous jam occurs with each element of the band working perfectly in-tune with each other. Over all the intensity comes the softly sung line, “And if you feel like letting go.”

One of NOTHING’s greatest strengths is the way that they can take contrasting ideas like beauty and darkness and almost effortlessly create a mesh that takes the best parts of each side. “Bent Nail” continues this legacy with its great songwriting and poetic lyrics displaying themes like struggle and worth extremely well with lines like “Another John who’s lost his head/I’m a bent nail/you’ve got no use for me” and “I’m built to bleed/Plan my ruin guiltlessly/A broken tool inside a shed,” carrying the song.

Its important to keep in mind, however, that “Bent Nail” is just one song off Guilty of Everything. If the rest of the album is as good as the two tracks released online already, this could easily be one of the best albums to come out in 2014.


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