All Pigs Must Die Interview


I was lucky enough to talk with Matt Woods (bassist) of All Pigs Must Die. He discussed what went into the new album,  plans for the band, and more.

First off, thank you for taking time to talking with me and congrats on the new LP. What has been the overall response to the new LP?

Well, I can’t speak with too much accuracy as to how others have been responding to Nothing Violates This Nature. What I am sure of is that all four of us are very pleased with how it turned out. If other people dig it, that’s great.

Going into the studio, what influences did you bring with you for the new LP?

Nothing too off the wall or out of the ordinary. The biggest difference between Nothing Violates This Nature and our other releases is that we had more time to play together and the songs grew & matured as such.

Your band has a great following in the hardcore scene but is being on Southern Lord opening you up to a more diverse fan base?

I’m not sure how to quantify what you’re asking. We chose to work with Southern Lord as they have a pretty diverse roster and are concerned with MUSIC first and foremost. We don’t tour much so it’s not something we see in the flesh. But you would hope people interested in music rather than a single genre would be attracted to bands released by Southern Lord.

Any plans on touring for the new album?

Things are being discussed and figured out as I type this. It’s tough for us to do a whole lot as we are very busy people but it will happen at some point.

Having a band with members having side projects, does it ever get a little hectic for you guys?

You forgot to mention wives, fiances, kids, mortgages, careers etc etc. Certainly it is hectic and difficult and requires a lot of planning. Last weekend was the first time we had a band practice in 11 months and the first time we were all in the same room in 7 months. It isn’t easy but well worth it regardless of how infrequent it may be.

When starting All Pigs Must Die, what were some of the influences that brought you to this unique sound?

I’ll skip listing off the generic stuff that is very obvious if you’ve heard any of our albums but you’re not going to meet four people who share the same appreciation for the drumming of Chuck Biscuits than us. Also, we share very similar attitudes about the power of heavy music and how it can push boundaries the more you push the gas pedal to the floor.

What are some of your favorite releases of this year so far?

Let’s see… Um, I’m thinking on the fly here and admittedly way out of touch with what’s going on but Vorum – “Poisoned Void”, Iron Lung – “White Glove Test”. Those are pretty great. The Magic Circle album is cool. Their singer has a set of pipes on him. The Devil’s Blood – “III Tabula Rasa” is good. Shit, if the new Inquisition album comes out this year l will like that. Also, if the new Twilight album comes out in 2013 I am certain to enjoy that as well. I celebrate almost every entry in the Jef Whitehead discography.

Name 3 bands/musicians that you would want All Pigs Must Die to play with? Like your fantasy line up.

Black Sabbath Sabotage 1975 tour line up and set as headliner. Slayer circa 1989 and Black Flag circa 1982 demos line up (Ginn, Cadena, Rollins, Dukowski & Biscuits). We’d play in the parking lot of blacks BBQ in Lockhart, Texas and be paid in ribs, chicken, turkey and moist brisket. Plus an open bar and marijuana buffet. You said dream.

Any bands you want to shout out or anything you’d like to add?

Nope. Thank you for listening and interest in pigs.

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