Aftermath Interview – 2014


10689926_734403513296018_5500433127012243561_n[2]CTHC band Aftermath, just dropped their new EP, Life Lessons, after a year since their last release. Since then,  they have replaced their vocalist and their drummer. This was a big jump for Aftermath, but it definitely paid off, as can be heard in the new EP. I had the chance to talk to their new vocalist Matt Murphy, as well as their foundational guitar player, Zak Dunn.

There have been some member changes in Aftermath since the last interview. Do you want to tell us about those?

ZD: Yeah; Aftermath began as Brett Emerick, Shane, and I, with our first vocalist Matt Caples joining soon after. Shane is still playing bass for us. After our first EP and demo, Matt Caples left, and soon we found Murph. I saw him do guest vocals for Foulmouth and thought he’d be a good fit. As far as drummers are concerned, we parted ways with Brett not too long ago, and Michael Papagna (Snooka), a friend of Murph’s joined up. Now everything is like a tight machine.

This is your first release with the band. How are you different from the past vocalist and how are you similar?

MM: Me and Matt are similar in the sense that we don’t really give a fuck when we are performing and just legit lose our shit during a set. That was one thing I noticed when I saw this band for the first time and then was asked to try out. I knew I had big shoes to fill on a performance standpoint cause Caples is a lunatic, but it also drove me to want to do the same and put on the same type of performance while we were playing, I got mad love for that dude so I didn’t wanna let em down. I would have to say we are different in the sense of writing. I think when it comes to writing lyrics you express things you see and go through in life, struggles, ups and downs and shit like that. Though everyone goes through struggles in life they are all different, which is why the way we express our emotions through lyrics is different.

How does the new material different from The Demo and Devoured by Guilt musically and lyrically?

ZD: The new material is completely different, for many reasons. Having two member changes is the most obvious one, however, writing with this band became more of a group effort. I wrote 90% of what you hear on Devoured, as well as the demo. On this new EP, Shane really stepped up in writing. He wrote basically half of what’s on the new record. Snooka also made the writing process far easier as well, writing with him was always natural.

Who did you work with to make this album happen?

ZD:  We worked with Ian Bates, like we did for Devoured and the Demo. We were pleased with how the first record came out, and how laid back Ian was with tracking. As far as we were concerned, there was no one better to do this record with.

MM: Yea, I’ve heard a lot of Ian’s material for recording and didn’t wanna work with anyone but him for my first recording process. I know him personally and he made me feel very comfortable when tracking. We had a real fun weekend recording with him.

What has been your favorite show you have played so far?

MM:  My favorite show so far with the band I must say have been both of my basement shows. The first one I legit threw together in a week and was very surprised with the turnout. It was a show for my birthday and it was all friends of mines bands that played, the pit was strong for every band, there even was a full on circle pit in my basement for PUS, and one of my walls got taken down so I like to say that’s a successful show. The next one was a going away show for Caples which was sick, he did the 3 old songs we still play which I thought was cool.

Any plans on an official Life Lessons release show?

ZD:  We have a bunch of bands in mind that we want to book. If everything goes as planned it will be a bunch of friends, most likely at UANC.

MM: Like Zak said we have a few headliners in mind, but want it to be mainly our good friends playing along side of us to release the EP, and I cant think of anywhere else to do it but at UANC, great venue, great atmosphere, and amazing dudes running the place, it can be the cornerstone of CTHC for a long time in my opinion.

Shout outs?

ZD:  Ends Meet, Revenge, Dealbreaker, Risk, Stranglehold, Class Struggle, Jagged Visions, Violence To Fade, Foulmouth, Vein, CTHC, WMHC.

MM: Enraged Youth, Dethlab Records, Aftermom, Spite, PUS, and everyone at UANC

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